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"Fashion and Living Aesthetics Research and Development Center" operational plans.

“The Fashion & Living Aesthetics Research and Development Center” was founded by the Department of Beauty Science of the College of Living Technology in December 2008 and was promoted to a faculty-level institute in September 2015. The centre operates to provide technical research and development programs for sports, leisure, beauty, healthcare, tourism, applied foreign language and other related industries. Programs consist of technology development, educational promotion, international exchange, teacher's professional growth and many other areas; aiming to provide means towards strengthening integration with the beauty and fashion industry, enhancing technological research and development achievements as well as the accumulation of experience, educational collaboration and technical/practical knowledge within the beauty and fashion industry.

"Fashion and Living Aesthetics Research and Development Center" consists of three major interdisciplinary research groups.

(1) Division of technology development in modern living

  • The patent and innovation of fashion products: innovation, research and development of cosmetic related equipment, fashion products in practical application, sports and fitness equipment, tourism and hospitality products
  • Research and technology development in practical application:research and technology development in health care, foreign language learning software, tourist services, and fashion modeling

(2)Division of extension education in modern living and aesthetics:performance promotion, employee training, schoolwork tutoring, certificate tutoring,  training workshop promotion

(3)Division of international information exchange in modern living

  • International information exchange of fashion activities:international information exchange platform, integration with international education
  • Fashion information blog:collection of fashion information and management of information exchange platform


(4)Faculty learning communities for professional development in modern living:learning communities for professional development in business administration, sports and health care, tourism and hospitality, creative arts, and applied foreign languages